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Iron Squid Chapter II Group Stage Replaypack

by SC2 Replays 12/28/2012 05:16:58 UTC
File Size: 6.71 MB

Replaypack of Iron Squid Chapter II Group Stage. The Iron Squid – Chapter II is an offline premier event announced on September 27th 2012. The tournament gathers 32 players from around the world.

Replays Details:
Event: Iron Squid II
Date: 12/28/2012 02:59:35
Replays In Package: 60
Downloads Total:
Group A Results
Golden vs. Symbol 1:2
HerO vs. Live 2:0
Symbol vs. HerO 0:2
Golden vs. aLive 2:1
Golden vs. Symbol 0:2
Group B Results
Seed vs. Life 1:2
Kas vs. Creator 1:2
Life vs. Creator 2:1
Seed vs. Kas 0:2
Creator vs. Kas 2:0
Group C Results
TaeJa vs. Brown 1:2
Scarlett vs. MarineKing 2:0
Brown vs. Scarlett 1:2
TaeJa vs. MarineKing 1:2
Brown vs. MarineKing 1:2
Group D Results
MC vs. Luvsic 2:0
LucifroN vs. PartinG 1:2
MC vs. PartinG 1:2
Luvsic vs. LucifroN 1:2
MC vs. LucifroN 2:1
Group E Results
DongRaeGu vs. GanZi 2:0
SaSe vs. Leenock 0:2
DongRaeGu vs. Leenock 2:0
GanZi vs. SaSe 2:1
Leenock vs. GanZi 2:1
Group F Results
Goswser vs. MMA 2:1
Genius vs. Nerchio 2:0
Goswser vs. Genius 2:0
MMA vs. Nerchio 2:0
Genius vs. MMA 0:2
Group G Results
Miniraser vs. Mvp 0:2
Stephano vs. MaNa 2:0
Mvp vs. Stephano 0:2
Miniraser vs. MaNa 1:2
Mvp vs. MaNa 2:1
Group H Results
viOLet vs. ThorZaIN 2:1
NesTea vs. Delphi 2:1
viOLet vs. NesTea 2:0
ThorZaIN vs. Delphi 2:1
NesTea vs. ThorZaIN 2:0

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