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2012 Ritmix RSL Season 2 Playoffs Day 2 Replaypack

by SC2 Replays 10/19/2012 14:23:02 UTC
File Size: 1.32 MB

SC2 Replays from 2012 Ritmix RSL Season 2 Playoffs Day 2. Ritmix Russian StarCraft 2 League (or Ritmix RSL for short) is an invitational tournament by with sponsorship by Ritmix.

Replays Details:
Event: RSL
Date: 10/19/2012 14:19:24
Replays In Package: 8
Downloads Total:
Brackets Results
TaeJa vs. VortiX 2:3
MaNa vs. ThorZaiN 2:1

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