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StarCrack ALLin1 (OFFICIAL SC Launcher) Download

StarCrack Allin1 is an automated tool that makes possible for you to play sc2 beta offline, without cd-keys etc, load match in skirmish battles, and watch replays.

Patch 10 Fully compatible! (includes starcrack (or AKA StarCrafty) A.I 7.0.3 patch 10 compatible!)


Istallation Steps:
1)Install Starcraft II to its Recomended Directory (or any logical custom folder you wish it will be detected)

2)make sure you find and download the latest cache files for sc2, and update the game to its latest pacth version by simple running it once.

3)then downlowd THIS Tool and install it to its RECOMENDED LOCATION
default path should be: C:\Program Files (maybe x86)\StarCraft II Beta\SC2ALLin1
IF the installation is not installing to the right subfoder and deletes your game directory is because you made once the stupidity of installing it there and now it remembers it! so go and extract the setup manually and place the folder there by your self!
(also wrong shortcuts may accure from this mistake of yours! go and delete all non game files in its directory or do a clean reinstall of the game!)
OR simple re-download the latest setup that will prevent your mistake to happen again!

4)* Your System MAY require the .NET 3.5 SP1 download to be installed (Windows 7 dont)

5)if you have any Questions That are not allready answered Visit our Forums for support!


7 Comments for this entry

  • Uber

    My StarCraft 2 Works good,i install SC2ALLin1 but when i click it to play with Bots it gives me error – SC2ALLin1 Has Encountered A Problem And Needs To Close.We Are Sorry For The Inconvenience.If You Were In The Middle Of Something,The Information You Were Working On Might Be Lost. Please Help Me How To Fix This,Game Is Awsome. Thanks.

  • Justice

    U must have cache for patch 16 to play ver But it hasn’t been released yet +_+

  • Brian A

    I forgot to mention. AFter booting up the game with the launcher I get this message, “Unable to validate StarCraft II License. Please log in to Battle.net from the game or editor before proceeding.” This is were I get stuck.

  • Brian A

    I tried doing everything exactly how it was stated, even with the installation guide. But still, after the game launches I’m asked to sign into battle.net and then I’m told that there isn’t a registered copy of starcraft II on this account. I used the StarCrack Allin1 loader, used the newest Cache 0607, and have installed and updated the game before any of that. I just don’t understand why it’s failing to work. I’m new to the whole loader idea, but I’ve been cracking and running games for awhile now. I believe I did everything right.

  • wgwrgegvtdb


    cant open sc2allin1.exe
    gives me an error

    ether virus or you didnt explain properly

  • help

    this is not a complete instruction..

    when i did all of this whats next??
    the game wont open itself right?

    sc2allin1.exe does nothing.. i cant open it, it says error everytime

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